I've heard of God's law. 
I've heard of some of nature's laws: survival of the fittest, etc. 
I've heard of various laws for liberty, freedom, and democracy: allowing citizens to vote, no taxation without representation, etc. 

But "Natural Law"? 

Normally, I would just ignore this, but when I ran across the website, I found it beyond annoying. I won't post the link because I refuse to promote silliness, but to find it just do a Google search for 'Alpha Publishing House.' 

What I find amazingly annoying about this site is that:
1) At no point do they describe this natural law we're all supposed to follow. The closest they come is saying we should be "rational and honest." Really? I thought we should all go through life being irrational and dishonest. 

2) They predict a future society in which there are no conflicting ideas, thus utter peace. How probable is this? Plus, who wants to live in a society in which everyone thinks the same, identical thoughts? Aren't new thoughts the way to improve life and society? Life is dynamic, not static. 

3) The entire website is devoted not just to selling one book, but an entire series of them! If you're going to promote a book, at least give some decent, RATIONAL information on the website! 


Art Day
11/15/2012 20:49

People are like coins. When they state their great ideas, flip them over and see what the tails side says. Heads: A world without conflicting ideas. Tails: I have no courage and I can't handle conflict.


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