Whew! It's been a little bit too serious around here lately. Time for some comic relief. Let's take a look at some more crazy weight loss schemes. I recently read that 2/3 of Americans are now overweight or obese (though we all know 87% of all statistics are made up...haha). 
Let's cover….hmmm...the Cereal Diet! 

Because we all know that it's not that we're eating too much, it's just the food we're eating (do I need to state that the last sentence was dripping with sarcasm?). 
So, let's eat cereal instead. Oh, wait. This diet LIMITS food quantity down to healthy portion sizes. Guess it's not the magic cereal...it's just following a lower-calorie plan. 

For those who are interested:
1 serving cereal with low-fat/skim milk for breakfest
1 serving cereal with low-fat/skim milk for lunch
1 salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrots, onions, bell peppers) with 1 Tbsp. oil or dressing
6 oz. chicken breast, no skin, baked
& if you really want to indulge, you can have three of the following (mix & match): 1) serving cereal & milk; 2) serving fruit; 3) 1 oz. nuts; 4) 4 oz. lean turkey

Verdict: Well, since it basically involves cutting calories as a way to lose weight, it's at least logical. And if you happen to be a cereal fan it might be feasible. But since some sites flat-out recommend even the fatty or sugary cereal, I have to give it at least some stupidity. Plus the fact that one would have to say (with a straight face), "Yeah, I'm on the cereal diet"....
Stupidity Factor: 5 out of 10



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